Shannon Witte, CIFT

Neuro Exercise Specialist

Shannon graduated from Youngstown State University in 2015 with a Bachelors of science degree in Exercise Science. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor which helped prepare her for her senior internship at Next Steps in August 2015.

She officially joined the Next Steps team in December 2015 as an aide but quickly transitioned to an exercise therapist. Shannon is passionate about working with people with spinal cord and other neurological injuries to have a better quality of life. Working at Next Steps has inspired her to continue her education in the field, as she has plans to apply to Physical Therapy school. Shannon is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer through ACSM.


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  • NextSteps Chicago is a member of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Neuro Recovery Network.

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